Saturday, July 04, 2015
Used to Be

So I was driving home Sunday night, listening to 88.5 FM as usual, and heard that Andy Williams had died. Aside from the fact that he was a good singer, in the mode of Bing Crosby or Dean Martin, I knew (and still know) next to nothing about him. But Ed Walker played a couple pieces of his that started me thinking.

"The Village of St. Bernadette"

OK, so it's sentimental. And very possibly Williams' religiosity was, like that of Martin and Crosby, fairly superficial. But at least they were unabashed and reverent in their treatment of religion in their art. And these were the cool kids in those days!

There are very few things that make me wish for a time capsule, but this is one of them. How nice would it be to open the paper and read that Andy Williams, the guy who made the smash hit with "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" and would later go on to more or less make "Moon River" his own, had just done a thing about Lourdes? And you would know that "a thing about Lourdes" meant a good thing too ...

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