Thursday, July 30, 2015
How to contribute to Altcatholicah

Altcatholicah is looking for fresh, edgy, and original analysis on issues relating to gender and spirituality and Catholicism. We favor writing that is driven by personal experience. Submissions to Altcatholicah should be between 700 and 900 words and must be original pieces that have not been published or submitted elsewhere. We will consider reprints on a per-article basis and only if reprinting rights have already been secured. We welcome hyperlinking and accompanying photographs as well. For photographs, please verify that they are appropriately licensed or ensure permission has been granted from the owner. Authors are responsible for fact-checking their content.

We do not reprint press releases, promotional items, or official statements from organizations. We reserve the right to refuse to publish articles for any or no reason.

Altcatholicah also accepts blog-like pieces for its Readers’ Blog but is otherwise not a blog. Altcatholicah recognizes that much of our interaction with gender issues occurs at a profoundly deep and private level and that many of these personal reflections are better expressed in a free-form space like a blog than in the form of structured articles. For that reason, Altcatholicah welcomes your blog-like pieces for its Readers’ Blog. Blog submissions will be vetted and, if accepted, may be edited.

To submit an article to Altcatholicah, send your submission in the body of an email with your name, address, email, phone number, word count, and a short bio to

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